Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Growing up kids are lead to believe Santa lives at the North Pole and knows if you’ve been bad or good. Well yesterday I learned how he just “knows”. He walks the streets and reports back to his elves. ON HIS CELLPHONE!!

Yesterday we were in Torrance and saw Santa doing some recon. We parked and asked if he’d take a picture with the kids, and in Jolly Old St. Nick fashion, he agreed (It would have been nice if he put his phone down for the picture though). 20111223-093857.jpg


Come Home Safely, We’re Gonna Miss you!!

Last night was a night that we all knew was going to come but wish it never did. Our son, brother, friend, and HERO is packing his bags and going to fight for our freedom. Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you are doing for our country.

So Colton, just know that you have countless family members and friends that are waiting for you to hurry home. BE SAFE AND WE LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday Ride to Solvang

On Sunday, Baddog and I rode our Harley’s up the 101 to Solvang. It had been a few weekends since I had been able to get out on the road and spend the whole day riding, and let me tell you, it felt good. I left my house around 9am and didn’t get home until almost 8pm. The weather was a little chilly, but like my Dad always told me “it’s always easier to warm up, than it is to cool down.” Check out this video to see some of our ride home. Can’t wait for next weekend to see where our adventures take us. See you on the road!

Final Resting Place

So today my Grandpa came out to my house and we took a trip up to the Riverside National Cemetery to see the final resting place of my Grandma. While there we got to admire the Medal of Honor Memorial. It is hard to believe there are 3468 men who received this award “…for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty…”

All in all, today was a beautiful day and I am glad I was able to spend it with my Grandpa.


What can be better than getting off work at 10am on Friday and have it be 60 degrees and clear outside? The answer is nothing. So obviously I took the Harley out for a nice ride up to the Santa Rosa Plateau. The reason I love this ride is because it doesn’t matter what time of year the scenery is always beautiful.

I rode by this guys ranch and noticed he had some cool looking horses running around in the front so I stopped to take some photos of them. One of them came up to me and let me pet him. Check out his eye. Pretty trippy.

I must say, even though it was a short trip today, getting out and viewing the world it is always an adventure. Can’t wait for the next ride.

LA Kings vs SJ Sharks

At his Christmas Party, Joe from AMA Content, gave everybody 2 tickets to the Los Angeles Kings versus the San Jose Sharks at the Staples Center on January 19, 2010. I must say Joe, that was an awesome gift. I took my son and he had an absolute blast. Thanks again Joe!

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