PROJECT 365 – DAY 36

The United States beat Switzerland 3 to 1 in the 2010 Winter Olympics Men’s Hockey Preliminary Round. Great start boys.


PROJECT 365 – DAY 35

Gotta love not having to shave for 4 straight day!

PROJECT 365 – DAY 34

Spent Valentines Day, today, with my BEAUTIFUL WIFE in Downtown Temecula. It was not a day of spending thousands of dollars and showering each other with gifts, it was a beautiful, relaxing 80-degree day with my love.

Come Home Safely, We’re Gonna Miss you!!

Last night was a night that we all knew was going to come but wish it never did. Our son, brother, friend, and HERO is packing his bags and going to fight for our freedom. Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you are doing for our country.

So Colton, just know that you have countless family members and friends that are waiting for you to hurry home. BE SAFE AND WE LOVE YOU!!!

PROJECT 365 – DAY 33

Today was my brother-in-law Colton’s going away party. In just a few days he will board a plane and go protect our country in Afghanistan. From all of us to you, THANK YOU!!!


PROJECT 365 – DAY 32

My Maroon Clown Fish feels so comfortable with me that he will eat food straight from my hand. It’s pretty cool.

PROJECT 365 – DAY 31

Hershey letting Bijoux know who the queen of the castle is.